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51"*98" (1300mm*2500mm) Multifunctional Metal & Nonmetal Cutting

Co2 Laser Cutting Machine L2 Series

>Japanese Mitsubishi Servo systems, higher precision, more stable, lower noise.

>5 pieces of reflective lenses of constant optical path design, ensure the same power at any time in cutting process.

>Imported bigger size lenses with cooling system, keep the optical reflection quality and longer service life.

Applicable Materials: Stainless Steel/Carbon/Mild Steel/Galvanized Steel/Acrylic/Wood/MDF/Plywood
Laser Power: 150W/320W

51"*35" (1300mm*900mm) Case Type

Co2 Laser Cutting/Engraving Machine D2-1309N

>It is good at engraving and cutting in a very high speed.

>Imported linear guide rails and belts promote smooth and precise laser movement.

>Small footprint, high precision, high speed.

Applicable Materials: Acrylic/Wood/MDF/Plywood
Laser Power: 100W/130W/150W

51"*98" (1300mm*2500mm) with CCD camera

Automatic Contour Co2 Laser Cutting Machine L6 Series

>Your great helper of UV printer

>Automatic focusing system, easy operation, high accuracy and efficiency.

>Japanese Mitsubishi Servo systems and all-round ball screw transmission.

Applicable Materials: Acrylic/Wood/MDF/Plywood
Laser Power: 150W/300W/320W

Multifunctional Sheet Metal/Tube/Pipe Cutting

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

>Mitsubishi servo system, German rack, French reducer, Schneider electronic components

>Auto-focusing laser head, automatic tracking the Bump Degree of plate by the unique capacitive height controller.

>Machine body with 600 degree high-temperature heat treatment, long life without deformation.

Applicable Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper and metal alloy.
Laser Power: 1000W/1500W/2200W/3300W
DAHAN Laser is one of the leading laser equipment manufacturers in China which established in the year 2000. We always concentrate on offering our customer a one-stop laser solutions.

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DAHAN LASER is a professional engaged in the manufacturing of laser equipments, sales and technical services to support our customers, the main products are Co2 laser cutting machine, mixed laser cutter, fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, as well as customized application solutions.